Vegafina Year of the Tiger (16)

Vitola: Toro

Ring gauge:52

Length: 168mm



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VegaFina Year of the Tiger cigar celebrates the year 2022 and the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. VegaFina dedicates this special edition Toro Extra to the animal of the year -the tiger. Year of the Tiger offers the finest selection of leaves from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua dressed in an oily Ecuador wrapper. The result is a medium-strength cigar with irresistible cedar, clove, and coffee flavors. In fact, these Special Edition gems are blended by Grupo de Maestros in La Romana, using only the highest quality tobaccos. VegaFina released its first Zodiac-themed stogie four years ago named the Special Edition Year of the Dog.  The limited-edition VegaFina Year of the Tiger comes in a red wooden box, resembling a pagoda. Moreover, each box has two sets of eight cigars, the Chinese lucky number. So try these special cigars and celebrate 2022 the right way!

VegaFina takes its name from the “Vegas Finas” (Fine plains), unique lands where sunshine, moisture, and soil composition combine perfectly to grow the most exclusive tobacco leaves. Entirely handmade in the Dominican Republic, VegaFina cigars have undoubtedly become a global bestseller. VegaFina Exclusivo Romanenses stogies are available in extremely limited supply and highly coveted by those lucky enough to add them to their humidor. Last year’s cigar was Year of the Ox, but now it’s time to welcome the new year! These are usually one-shot deals, so grab yours soon before we are out! Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with this special cigar.