Vegafina 1998 VF46 (10)

Vitola: VF 46

Ring gauge; 46

Length: 143mm


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VegaFina 1998, VegaFina’s line of aged cigars whose name commemorates the year the brand was created, expands its portfolio with “VF46”, a new vitola that has been incorporated into the standard portfolio.


With this launch, VegaFina offers the aficionado a cigar with a ring gauge of 46 x 143 mm in length; a timeless format, finer than its predecessors, ideal for enjoying all the flavor of the 1998 line in approximately one hour of smoking.


Created as the most premium line of the brand, 1998 offers cigars made by hand with carefully selected tobacco leaves and subjected to a minimum aging of 3 years. A delicate process resulting from the exhaustive work carried out by the Grupo de Maestros de Tabacalera de García, a factory located in the Dominican town of La Romana. The result is a sophisticated blend that gives the cigar a unique and balanced character recognizable by its intense aroma and rich flavor full of nuances.