Davidoff Year of the Dragon Masterpiece (88)

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For those seeking an exceptional level of exclusivity and luxury, Davidoff has created a majestic handmade Masterpiece Humidor.

The impressive artwork on the accessory is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the artists Zhang Zhaoying (China) and Sika Viago (Atelier Lilikpo, France). With their respective craft, they brought the Dragon to life on the humidor.

Zhang designed a powerful Dragon painting which was skillfully translated by Sika into an intricate mosaic she crafted from hundreds of pieces of glass, mirror and brushed brass.


Each of the 25 available pieces comes with 88 gran toro cigars that are otherwise only available as part of the Davidoff Year of the Dragon Flagship Exclusive 2024.

The cigars come with the same blend and uncut part as the double corona cigars.