Montecristo No2 Tauromaquia y Mazzantini (10)


Vitola: Pyramids (ring gauge 52 x 156 mm).
Coat: natural color, shiny and oily in appearance.
Aroma: woody, spicy, with notes of leather, cedar and honey.
Taste: toasted, spicy, with earthy and mineral tips, with a creamy finish and hints of black pepper, vanilla, cocoa and molasses.
Strength: medium-strong.
Shot: magnificent, like that of all the Pyramids.
Combustion: very good.
Ash: metallic light grey.
Smoking time: 60 to 75 minutes.


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Tabacalera presents exclusively for the Spanish market the fifth special edition of Bullfighting, a tribute to the great bullfighter Mazzantini by the hand of Montecristo No. 2.

This new special edition of Bullfighting, exclusive for the Spanish market, pays homage to the Spanish bullfighter -of an Italian father and a Basque mother- José Luis Mazzantini y Eguía, also known as “the king of the volapié”, remembered for his style and skill in the lunges , as well as for having managed to introduce the lottery of the bulls, since until then the main matador chose the cattle that he wanted to fight. The expression “ni Masantín el torero” is due to his name, very popular and used on the island of Cuba, which refers to the challenge of achieving great victories, of courage and daring, worthy of the world of arenas.


Tauromaquia y Mazzantini reaffirms the historic relationship between Habanos and bullfighting. The brand and vitola chosen for this fifth edition is Montecristo No. 2 (52 ring gauge and 156 mm length, Pirámides vitola). This special edition consists of 1,000 numbered boxes, with a careful presentation in a lacquered wooden case in which an evocative illustration of the bullfighter stands out. The cigars have a special ring at the bottom in homage to the figure of Mazzantini and the art of bullfighting.