H.Upmann Replica Antique Humidor Supremas No.2 (50)


H.Upmann Replica Antique Humidor Supremas No.2 (50)

Limited to 450 humidors.


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This new release in the Replica Antique Humidor series is the H.Upmann Supremas No.2 with an edition of only 450 humidors in the world. Dating back to 1844, the H.Upmann brand of cuban cigars is amongst the most renown in the world. The Magnum 46, Sir Winstons and Half Corona are some of the most popular vitolas in its catalog but the inspiration for the Supremas No.2 dates back to 1935.

During that time, there was a size called Bitufara (a popular type of Spanish sausage) that attracted a lot of attention due to its double figurado size (55 ring x 125 mm long) that was often called the Flying Pig by the exporters.

This release measures 180mm nd has a 58 ring gauge which makes it substantially longer and bigger than its predecessor