The cigar accessories are also carefully crafted by the Maison’s artisans. The cigar cutter stand is lacquered in shades of blue, with the prestigious Montecristo cigar brand logo stamped on the blade surface, while the other side has a silver-toned sun and moon design. The collection includes 3 lighters: Ligne 2, Le Grand Dupont and Maxijet.


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Two symbols of unique know-how, Montecristo and S.T. Dupont have come together to create exceptional products. This new collection was created for fans of both brands.

These pieces tell the tale of Edmond Dantès, The Count of Monte Cristo, with their pattern reminiscent of the moment when everything catches fire. The La Nuit edition is a nod to the unexpected moment in the protagonist’s life: from the years of trouble and hardships to the redemption of Edmond Dantès. The enigmatic and mysterious variation of the design evokes the moonlight in a dark, nocturnal sky.